Web Design
Computsys provides customers with one-stop tailor-made web design, assisting companies and individuals in building websites and enhancing corporate image.

Web Design

Computsys is a professional web design company in Hong Kong that specializes in web and mobile application services. Our management team has rich web service experience, ensuring that local design and senior project personnel are responsible. The technical staff has high-level web design technical knowledge. Provide high-quality web design projects.

Computsys guarantees to complete professional web design work for customers. The company also has various web design capabilities, including web design updates, maintenance and advanced project management.

Responsive web design

When logging in to the web through mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, the ability of the web interface will be adjusted to suit different mobile devices. It has gradually become one of the factors for the success of the web. Therefore, responsive web pages have become popular, allowing viewers to use any mobile for browsing the website. Get a more satisfying browsing experience on the device without them adjusting the size of web pages according to different screens.

Responsive webpage instructions only need a single website structure, and the webpage size can be automatically adjusted on mobile devices of various sizes. Encoded so that adaptive web pages provide the same usable on mobile phones or tablets.

Service area

  • General web design
  • Tailor-made web design
  • Discussion area design
  • Online store design
  • Web application design