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School budget system

Led the school into the paperless and automated stage, all schools within the fund and the use of funds at a glance.

System functions

Flexible structure

In addition to setting permissions and expiry dates for budgets and funds, the system may be able to deploy the completed procurement items to other funds.

All parameters can be change

Many parameters of the system for users to modify, so that the system more intimate. For example, this year to HKD50,000 need to bid, but next year changed to HKD60,000, users simply change the parameters can be.

Web base system structure

The system uses responsive web design to allow users to work on computers, tablets, and handsets without the need for additional apps on the phone or tablet.

Other functions

  • Flexible report with diagram
  • Easy to operate
  • Compatible with desktop computers and smartphones
  • Support three financial management processes, less than 5000 processes, 50000 following quotation comparison and tender
  • The operation of the school can be customized for the system
  • Multiple user permissions to facilitate the operation of the school, from the application, approved to pay the documents are at a glance.
  • Shopping information only need to enter once, different reports can be used, for example: accounting payment application form; school asset information input form; complete shopping as archived information.
  • Chinese and English interface interchangeable.
  • The headmaster / authorized person may increase / decrease the appropriation items on an annual basis
  • Each of the funding items can be divided into a number of different-purpose branch allocations, including specific-purpose branch allocations (eg staff salaries) and no specific-purpose branch allocations.
  • Once a specific purpose branch is set, the funds will be frozen and will only be displayed and will not be used and deducted.
  • No specific use of branch funding can be used for the system.
  • All of the funding items can be set to date.
  • After reviewing the Year Plan, the headmaster can also set the name and amount of the branch funding available for the "Budget Project" and the "Budget Project" approval status (Add / modify / reject).
  • In setting up the "budget items", the headmaster can get information easily and using simple step (pull down menu) the approved balance of the branch funds so that the principal can use the different branch funds on average.
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