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Loan Management System


The Financial Management System (LMS) is a set of financial and loan management software designed for each finance company. The borrowing process is processed by the system for approval, issuance and repayment and inquiries, and provides monthly rates or annual interest rates. But also through the system processing fees, admin fees, renewals, early repayment, renewal of the number of borrowing procedures. The analysis of the report more helpful review of customer repayment ability, records, and so on.

System Functions

System handle all calculation in financial company

Automatically calculate the various types of interest rate methods and ensure that under the statutory interest rate

Effectively improve the efficiency

From the orders, approved, printed contract to repay also use one system to complete

Web base application design

Support using system in Windows / MacOS browser, mobile phone, and iPad

Recruit staff easily

The user requirements of recruitment to reduce since all procedure and calculation also handle by system. So that employees more easily

Other functions

  • Flexible report with diagram
  • Customers can control and analysis the existing company status
  • System include many different accounting report to help accounts to handle each cases in company such as monthly accounting reports, repayment history of customer, Interest receivable report...etc.
  • Black list to prevent bad debit
  • Using SMS and email to alert customer deadline date...etc
  • Document control to reduce paper work
  • Automatically inquire about the applicant's relevant information in the company, such as whether the other applicant's guarantor, etc., to prevent organized lending
  • Flexible repayment method, support CASH, BANK IN, automatic transfer, the convenience store, but also support online repayment PAYPAL and Alipay, etc.
  • Current Market Value with regular update
  • Holiday Management
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