IT Support
We provide fast and appropriate processing to our customers to help them quickly fix email, servers, computers and networks and to ensure the smooth running of the company.
Network Security

In today’s business world, communication is one of the important parts to connect people and business/ organisation. A large number of message/data transmit to different devices on the earth. However, data exchange continues to bring great risks at the same time. The threat of communication, such as viruses, worms, Threaten Cookies and hackers, just reveal that we are faced with security risks both individuals and businesses.

To ensure that your business activities unimpeded, maintain a good reputation and business growth and avoid the business suffered malicious threats become extremely important. Protecting your network, data, applications and system security is no longer a difficult, costly and time-consuming challenge. The company's network information security provides multi-angle, comprehensive security solutions to help you deal with daily communications security challenges.

  • Firewall Management
    Firewall management protects your network gateway in a completely secure and simple way to help you defend public servers, end-user computers, and other devices from cyber threats. Computsys provide a different kind of security solution to fulfil different needs of customers with reasonable price and high-performance solutions. For detail, it including firewall, VPN gateway, anti-virus gateway, anti-spam gateway, intrusion prevention and content filtering. Firewall management, so that your IT departments can focus more on other specialised positions, improve productivity.
  • Anti-virus service
    For unique needs of the IT environment, antivirus services are a highly flexible service that helps you prevent infected emails and online viruses from entering your network, depending on the size of your organisation.
  • Junk Email prevention
    Spam wastes bandwidth capacity and reduces your network performance, making your computer and the web more susceptible to viruses. Anti-Spam Services uses a highly accurate filtering system to prevent spam from reaching the end user's mailbox. Our solutions provide industry-leading anti-spam technology that uses world-class anti-spam features to scan all messages to prevent spam from entering. Confidential spam entry and exit reports allow customers to review at any time.
  • Attack prevention
    It is the best way to prevent attack occur before any damage, identify potential threats, monitor suspicious traffic with quick respond. Computsys provide service monitor your network hours a day to prevent any suspicious activity from affecting normal network traffic, so you do not have to worry about complex intrusion prevention techniques, statistics, or management. This service is equipped with detailed reports and comprehensive support, without a large investment in equipment and with minimal maintenance costs, in line with economic principles. By entrusting your network security tasks to the first line, you can simplify the complexity of your network security management and keep your business and productivity sustainable and stable; even you can reallocate resources to other higher-value projects.
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