IT Support
We provide fast and appropriate processing to our customers to help them quickly fix email, servers, computers and networks and to ensure the smooth running of the company.
Remote Computer Support service

Computsys are providing remote support for enterprise organisations, and today's integrated version, enabling our experts to access end-users' Windows remotely, Linux and Mac OS devices, instantly handle user IT issues. On the other hand, it can help to record the details of the query, including dialogue, recording, set the status and additional information. Finally, it can reduce downtime and optimise long-term business performance.

Throughout the support process, we do not need to install any software, do not need administrator privileges to use the user. Customers only need to run a small program to let us provide service. For the remote application, it will generate a remote password timely. Our engineers will be able to support your computer remotely when you give us the password.

Remote tools security level
Remote tools
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