Server / Web Hosting
Computsys Company Limited professional team will manage the data center with a wealth of experience and be able to handle the business operations of each customer in the best possible way.

Server / Web Hosting

Computsys Server Hosting and Server Rental products are tailor made to fit our client’s unique demand and requirements. Our data center located in Hong Kong, we provide reliable and efficiency service for our customers.

Our Professional Team

Our professional team has many years of experience in the industry, familiar with different products and technologies, and different industries operating requirements, to provide customers with fast and proper support.

Why Choose Us?

Online Guarantee

Our company has 99.9% online guarantee, and we provide to customers independent systems for customers to understand the real-time situation of web pages and services, customers can feel at ease to use.

24-hour Monitoring System

Our company has a 24-hour monitoring system to monitor the health of the servers. The data center is also equipped with 24 hours of video surveillance to ensure that each entry into the data center when the identity of the staff.

Data Backup

Our company will provide customers with seven days of backup, in case of any problems you can reply to the data to the previous version of the backup.

Backup Power Supply

The data centers used by the our company are equipped with a back-up generator system that automatically operate andothing that all servers are operating properly when a building or regional power outage is encountered.

Strict Control

All necessary servers and other equipment have strict temperature and humidity control, to ensure that the machine can be a long time operation.

Refund Guarantee

Our company has 30 days to ensure that the refund, if the customer encountered any site instability, the company can be full refund.