From 14th January 2020, Microsoft will stop service support on windows 7 update. Computsys honour to assist HKYWCA to upgrade all PCs and laptop from windows 7 to windows 10 and completed successfully.

For the school computer lab, a fixed profile for every student is very important. Once the student login the windows, it will show out the same profile of every computer. If you have any problems with it, please feel free to contact us.

Provisions concerning suppliers of air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, computers, printers, scanners and monitors (collectively referred to as regulated electrical equipment (REE)) will be implemented on August 1, 2018. From then on, a supplier of REE must have been registered with the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) before distributing REE. Registered suppliers must also fulfil other statutory obligations, including the submission of returns to the EPD and payment of recycling levies, as well as providing recycling labels when distributing REE.

Provisions concerning sellers of REE will also come into operation at the same time. From August 1, 2018, a seller must have a removal service plan endorsed by the EPD for selling REE. When a seller sells REE and if requested by the consumer, the seller should arrange for the consumer a free removal service to dispose of the same class of equipment abandoned by the consumer in accordance with the endorsed plan. The seller must also provide recycling labels to consumers purchasing REE, and a receipt containing the prescribed wording on the recycling levies.

Suppliers and sellers of REE may, from May 4, 2018, submit to the EPD applications regarding the registration of suppliers and endorsement of removal service plans.

The disposal licensing control, import and export permit control and landfill disposal ban in respect of abandoned REE will commence on December 31, 2018. By then, any person who is engaged in the storage, treatment, reprocessing or recycling of abandoned REE must obtain a waste disposal licence; a permit will be required for the import and export of abandoned REE; and abandoned REE will no longer be accepted for disposal at the landfills and other designated waste disposal facilities (e.g. refuse transfer stations).

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