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Attendance System

Computsys provides a new attendance system for all industries such as NGO, Commercial company and School. It makes vacation approval flow more comfortable, faster and accurate. Time can be reduced, and productivity can enhance and practice the company's business strategy. Analysis of different materials through human resources reporting will help managers make decisions and calculate resource and salary in faster and accurately.

System functions

Web base programming

The system uses web design, regardless of the use of computers, mobile phones or iPad can use the system successfully

Flexible company structure

Support 1-5 layer holiday application approval process

Connect to other systems

The system directly connected to the door access card system and calculate the late / early leave records directly

Other functions

  • Flexible graphical report
  • Automatic email prompts
  • Attendance records and analysis
  • long and short weeks date off managment
  • Overtime and early retirement records, with compensation calculation
  • Online attendance application and approval process
  • Online Planning and arrangement date off of each staff
  • Annual leave management
  • Sick leave management
  • Compensation leave management
  • Rest day, bank and labor holiday management
  • Online vacation inquiries, application and approval process.
  • User can control planning in simple procedure
  • Can support shift work
  • Support morning and evening class management
  • Support a variety of report formats, such as Word, Excel, PDF, HTML and so on
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