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Your one-stop, Innovative and comprehensive IT solutions provider

About Computsys

Computsys Company Limited has provided IT solution service since 2010. We are an innovative and comprehensive IT solutions provider that focuses on the needs and challenges of Small and medium enterprises (SME). Our purpose is to help our customers run their business more effectively with high performance. We have good insight into all kinds of company activities and provide businesses with the long-term and valuable return and benefits with office automation E-solutions. Our experienced consultants can give you professional advice on how your company's working processes could be re-designed to gain strategic advantage. Our clear-cut solution can give you a peace-of-mind, and provide you with an extra customer caring support.

Structure of us

Our company formed by three different groups of experts that led by several seniors. Those sensors also have over ten years’ experience in their regions such as programming and IT support. That’s why we can provide the best support service for your business with considering all problems your business will encounter.


With the use of Web-based enterprise application, you could obtain and manage the latest information from your company wherever there is an internet connection.

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IT Support

Our IT Support Services offers you fully outsourced assistance with the widest possible range of essential IT functions plus all the skills you need to swiftly resolve system issues.

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客戶名稱 客戶名稱
惇裕學校 Lok Sin Tong Young Ko Hsiao Lin Secondary School
禮賢會恩慈學校 Po Leung Kuk Celine Ho Yam Tong College
N.T. Heung Yee Kuk Yuen Long District Secondary School South Yuen Long Government Primary School
保良局陳百強伉儷青衣學校 Piccolo Monte International Kindergarten(pme.edu.hk)
Piccolo Monte International Kindergarten(pme.edu.hk) Pentecostal School
Hong Kong St. John Ambulance PLK Camoes
Tak Oi Secondary School 聖芳濟各書院
蘇浙小學 保良局黃永樹小學
Island School Bear Foundation of Music Education Association Ltd.
Canossa Primary School Caritas Tuen Mun Marden Foundation Secondary School
CCC Mong Wong Far Yok Memorial Primary School Chinese YMCA Primary School
Ching Chung Hau Po Woon Secondary School Creative Primary School
E.F.C.C Canaan Wendell Memorial Church KCBC Hay Nien Primary School
Lok Sin Tong Young Ko Hsiao Lin Secondary School PLK Fung Ching Memorial Primary School
Po Leung Kuk Camoes Tan Siu Lin Primary School Scout Association of Hong Kong - Sau Mau Ping District
English Connection Learning Centre Limited Shun Tak Fraternal Association Yung Yau College
The Hong Kong Institute of Education Jockey Club Primary School Toi Shan Association Primary School
天水圍循道衛理小學 法團校箽會 香港教育學院賽馬會小學
基督教香港信義會紅磡信義學校 聖芳濟各書院
熊熊兒童音樂製作中心 蒙黃花沃紀念小學
禮賢會彭學高紀念中學 蘇浙小學
呂名才小學 Island School
SunGard Systems Hong Kong Ltd Tai San Enterprise & Trading Company
Topcast Aviation Supplies Co Ltd. Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress
HooKei Limited HealthPro
Jardine OneSolution Kuoni Travel (China) Ltd.勝境遊
Bipole International (HK) LTD Johnson Group (Bianca) Ltd
iShot IT Solution Limited Jauy Design
hop yick manufacturing ndn group
Park Lam Limited PDI Research Services Ltd
Polyever Holding Limited PS ONE (HK) LTD
SEED Design & Advertising Company TOKUYU HONG KONG
Untitled limited UPSTAGE LTD
Waves Pacific Limited 臣馬實業有限公司
瑞康華(香港)環保科技有限公司 旗號實業有限公司
Piccolo Monte Meta Data Limted
Meta Tec Limited Murata Compnay Ltd
Kosoku Office Supplies LTD. KTL Group
AddToCart Company Asia Cosmos Wealth Management Ltd.
Avion Access Company Limited Beford International Development Limited
Bite Black Peony(HK) Ltd.
Chaton Secretaries Limited Dongbo Industries Ltd
Trusty limited Cash credit Limited
大有財務有限公司 裕財信貸有限公司
HY Credit limited